The Dish Race

What is the Dish Race?

The Dish Race is a unique 3.25 mile fun run through the iconic Dish trail at Stanford, sponsored by the Stanford Running Club in partnership with Stanford Recreation and Wellness. Whether you're a competitive runner or just want a fun workout, mark your calendars today and participate in a Stanford tradition! All are welcome.

Organized by Stanford Recreation and Wellness
With assistance from the Stanford Running Club


The race will be on March 1, 2020 from 7:30am – 1:00pm at the Stanford Dish, Junipero Serra/Gerona Gate.

The race will be electronically timed and prizes will be awarded to top overall and age group finishers.

The competitive race will start at 9:00am with up to 250 people on the course at once. If you are running in the competitive race, please plan on being off the race course by 10am in order to allow for the running of the fun run/walk. If you think you will require more time, we suggest entering in the fun run/walk.

The Noncompetitive race (fun run/walk) will start at 11:00 am, up to 250 people on the course at once.

For the competitive race, bib pickup will be available between 8:15 and 8:45am. For the fun run/walk, bib pickup will be available between 10:15 and 10:45am.

Parking is available in residential lots off Campus Drive (marked on race day). Race start/finish will be at the Campus Drive & Junipero Serra gate near Lake Lagunita.

Contact for more information.


The Dish Race route runs clockwise on the Dish, starting at the entrance nearest to Campus Drive. It totals to be 3.25 miles.


When Leland Stanford Sr. arrived in California in the mid-19th century, his first observation of the beautiful, sweeping landscape was a statement to his wife.

"Jane," Leland Sr. said, "I really am of the opinion that that hill you see over yonder would make a fine racecourse."

And hence began the Annual Stanford Dish Race. Course records are below:

Men - Top 10 All Time

   Name  Age   Year   Time  
 1.  Noah Brazer  19  2019  17:12
 2.  Scott Himmelberger  23  2012  17:25.3
 3.  Justin Hall  31  2018  17:26
 4.  Oeyvind Heiberg-Sundby  28  2012  17:55.8
 5.  Benedikt Bünz  23  2016  17:56
 6.  Matthew Millet  19  2014  18:13
 7.  Ryan Corvese  18  2013  18:14.7
 8.  Chikara Omine  30  2016  18:25
 9.  Andrew Ntim  18  2015  18:40
 10.  Burton Ferguson  29  2018  18:40

Women - Top 10 All Time

   Name  Age   Year   Time  
 1.  Devin McMahon  27  2019  19:50
 2.  Rea Kolbl  24  2016  20:29
 3.  Aileen Cole  27  2019  20:35
 4.  Pilar Meltz  40  2015  21:13
 5.  Lauren Pischel  29  2013  21:38.6
 6.  Natalie Badowski  27  2012  21:40.7
 7.  Alexandra Cox  20  2012  21:46.3
 8.  Isabel Bush  27  2017  22:11
 9.  Judith Zuagg  34  2013  22:14.4
 10.  Kristen Brownell  27  2013  22:24.5