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Caroline Cahilly and Katie Kearney are the presidents of the club.

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Patrick McEwen and Spencer Seay are the vice-presidents of the club.

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Juliet Horenziak is the financial officer of the club.
She gets you your race refunds and buys us ice cream. Contact her with questions about competitive team dues.

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Presidents | Caroline Cahilly & Katie Kearney
Vice Presidents | Patrick McEwen & Spencer Seay
Financial Officer | Juliet Horenziak
Former Presidents (#dicketators) | Carravita Calabrese, Molly Dicke, Wyatt Mullen, Jack Ryan, Ruben Krueger, Alex Li
Legends (#thewiseones) | George Holderness, Aidan Biggar, Kat Gregory, Scott Lambert
Founders (#neverforget) | Carravita Calabrese and Zach Weinstein

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Feel free to reach out to us to ask questions, to give suggestions, or to just say hello!

Created by Kat Gregory in 2015

Caroline Cahilly is the current webmaster. Reach out to her with any website issues, comments, questions, updates, or suggestions.

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